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How does it work?

1) Caregivers will be directed to fill out a questionnaire. Depending on your location, we offer a premium service in which you can send us your urine by mail or take to a pickup location.

2) You will get your smart recommendations send to the email provided to us.

3) ANeustart representative will reach out to you for a short phone call or online chat to explain your recommendations and options for how to order your supplements.

4) Once your supplements arrive, then you can track your child's progress.

5) The caregiver, will be sent a follow-up questionnaire every 2 months and new recommendations will be sent.

Payment includes 3 sets of recommendations, chats with our team about tips on how to administer supplements and assistance over a 6 month period.

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FAQ: Personalized nutrition for autism

Aren't too many vitamins unhealthy?

Absolutely, there are certain vitamins and minerals that at very high doses are not optimal. That is exactly why ANeustart sticks to FDA recommendations and daily upper limit guidelines.

Can I ask my pediatrician do to a standard urine test?

ANeustart checks compounds in the urine that are not routinely tested. These compounds provide us with important information efficiency of how the body is using its nutrients which is the basis of how best we can assess your child's nutrient needs.

Why can't I just do a blood test and check what my child is missing?

First of all, if your child is willing to have blood drawn, then it is by all means important, however, for children with autism or other sensory issues or anxiety, this "simple" task can sometimes be challenging and in rare cases require sedation. Unfortunately, standard blood testing can only check Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Folate levels. Other tests for deficiencies require specialized lab testing.

How can recommendations be based on filling out a questionnaire? What if I was in a bad mood the day i filled out the form or maybe some of my child's symptoms bother the therapist, but not me.

Just as not all children are alike, not all parents are alike and that is ok. All recommendations given are based on our algorithm which takes into account certain symptoms and their relationship to urine, foods eaten and other objective questions in the questionnaire in your child and children like your child. In short, we rely on many parameters before we give your child an action plan. The responses you provide help us direct an appropriate plan for your child.

My child is a super picky eater and has serious taste, texture and smell aversion. I do not think I will be able to implement any nutritional changes or give supplements.

Never say never. We can help you with tips for supplements that has no taste or smell and foods where it is best to add them. From our experience, even picky eaters have been able to add new foods to their diet over time.

My child eats everything, is supplementation really needed?

It is great to hear that your child eats a variety of foods. However, for a child with developmental delays or autism, their body still may be inefficiently using what they are eating. This means they may require more nutrients than they are getting since they are excreting too much or are not getting what they need from the foods.  For example or there maybe  issues like digestion that prevent normal breakdown of food to useable components needed to build other proteins and enzymes.

My child is a teenager, can supplementation still help?

While early intervention is most effective and can lead to very observable changes, it does not mean that supplementation will not be beneficial at other ages. When adults change their diet or exercise at any age, they still see beneficial results in their day to day life and symptoms of chronic disease. The program is still therefore beneficial to a child's overall health. Regarding specfiic symptoms, however, expectations need to realistic since results may occur on a different time frame and intensity than a younger child.

Is ANeustart only for children with autism? only for ADD/ADHD? My child has other developmental delays.

ANeustart can help give personalized recommendations for children who need it including autism, ADD/ADHD, developmental delays, and anxiety.

Will my child take supplements only for the duration of ANeustart's program or will they need to take them long-term?

Every child is different, of course, and also every supplement and their purpose in the treatment is different. Some children may have had a specific deficiency that once resolved does not require supplementation. However, some children may benefit from long-term supplementation even at a reduced frequency, dose, or as needed and therefore will continue to take supplements.