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ANeustart identifies unmet nutrient needs in autism, ADD/ADHD and developmental delays providing first aid to the developing brain per your child's biological requirements.

As a parent do you often wonder if you are doing all you can for your child nutritionally? 

Did the mother in the park tell you a gluten-free diet helped their child be more focused? Did the Facebook post rave about a new supplement on the market that helps sleep in children with ASD? Omega3 for ADD? Did you think that maybe you should give the child multivitamin?

Brain connections require nutrients and energy in the right amounts, at the right time, and efficiently used. Addressing a child's nutrient needs is the crucial first step in supporting proper brain development, yet every child on the spectrum is different. Whether the child eats well or is a picky eater, parents intuitively know their child might need supplements or a special diet. 

Children with autism and developmental delays struggle to establish the complex web of millions of brain connections made during early development allowing the child to learn, play and socialize.

No more feeling lost, frustrated, searching the internet to see what you should give your child.

Through our clinical trials, we have tried to find answers for parents who want to know what is best for their child.

ANeustart has discovered biological subgroups of children with ASD that have certain patterns of imbalances and dietary needs that require precise supplementations.

What does your child need?

ANeustart's Precision Supplementation:

With brain development, everyday is precious.

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Scientific Precision

ANeustart's smart recommendations are based on our vast clinical research database of urine compounds, symptoms, diet, and health history of hundreds of children with autism.

Our algorithm matches your child with recommendations that worked on children biologically similar to yours.

Not every supplement, food, or restricted diet is optimal for every child. ANeustart can save you time, money and avoid adding unnecessary challenges with your child by recommending what your child needs. 



ANeustart's smart recommendations will improve your child's overall wellness. It will lay the foundation for success in other valuable therapies. Physiological improvements i.e., in sleep, can translate into improved performance in all areas.

Like us, if a child feels better, it will be reflected across the board. 

Supplement without the pushback

ANeustart understands how difficult changing or adding foods to a child's diet can be. We also understand how taste, smell, and texture create friction between the parent and child. No need to force your child to finish cups of juice that don't mix well with huge scoops of powder or syrups with overpowering tastes. 

ANeustart has designed a system to reduce friction between parent and child by offering small, unnoticeable doses of mostly tasteless, odorless supplements easily incorporated into any food your child consumes. 

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About us

Maya Lebow, Ph.D. Cofounder & CEO An expert in the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders and brain development

Yael Kuperman, Ph.D. R.D. Cofounder & CSO An expert in nutrition, energy balance, and metabolic disorders.

Yavin Atzmon VP Business Development, Product Development, Business Management.

Eyal Soreq, Ph.D. Data scientist, Machine learning, Big Data, and expert in  behavioral clinical data experimental design